Did it!!!

Wow, this first day of fasting wasn’t really easy yesterday. The hunger kept knocking hello the whole afternoon. And I was soooo tired and cold. Doc Mosley did not predict that. The salat in the evening was really good so. And I slept like a Baby. Something that isn’t really often in my cards. So I feel good now, still a bit sleepy but pretty proud and happy.

Can that intermitting fasting really work? I mean, it sounds a bit to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Ok, but this questioning does not really help the goal: To feel good with my body again.

When will that be? By measures in kilogram I would love to loose these 18 kilos. And sometimes -really bold- I wish, I would be, like I was before I got my two kids, 28kg to go. Yeah, thats ages ago but …

ok lets be realistic: If every month 4 kilos get lost, it I would need 4.5 month to loose 18 kilos. Sounds really unreal. And whats even worse summer will be over because it will be end of september. End of September. I could by new clothes, no frame tents. Ok, do you think I can do that? I am not sure. But what is the alternative? Getting even more fat. No, I think I have to stick with this 5 – 2 fasting. And the good thing yesterday was, that I could think: „ok, this cookies smell delicious. But they will still be there tomorrow. I can have one then, if I want.“

Was denkst Du darüber? What do you think?

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