2nd fast day – My Head explodes

Wow, hope this is worth it. My head feels like I didn’t stop drinking the last three nights straight till coma fell. I didn’t. And I cannot think properly. My effectiveness rates about minus 7. Hope this is just the beginning of this fasting time, till I get used to it. How can I go through that otherwise two times a week?

5 Gedanken zu „2nd fast day – My Head explodes

  1. frolleinclothilde

    Uh, that sounds not very good. You’re sure 5:2d is the right approach to IF for you?

    1. emmareloaded Autor

      No, I am not sure at all. But what’s the alternative? I mean, there are very little doubts about the whole concept of eating less and better, more veggies n fruits. Or? Only this body here doesn’t want to loose weight … Perhaps I should ask a doc.

      1. frolleinclothilde

        What about 16:8h? I’ve lost 8 kg since January and feel comfortable with it. It is easier for me. Maybe you find it more comfortable, too.
        A medical check up is a good idea. Just to be sure, you’re healthy enough for fasting.
        Don’t give up, Emma 🙂

  2. frolleinclothilde

    I only eat between 12.00 and 8.00p.m.. 8 hours is okay for me, some people only eat in a time frame of 4 hours. At which time you set this eating interval is your choice. I don’t like breakfast, so it is a logical choice to start at lunchtime or even a few hours later. Got used to it very quickly. It doesn’t mean, I am never hungry. Of course I am sometimes. But it’s a good feeling I had almost forgotten and I always know food is waiting for me in a few hours
    Try and google dr sara solomon. She has an interesting blog, even if you aren’t a fan of bodybuilding (I am not ;-)).


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