Heaven ’n Hell

Good thing is, yesterday I haven’t had a headache and I wasn’t dead in the evening, tired yes but not dead. So, thats better.

The bad thing: I did not loose weight at all. Thats so depressing! Don’t know, what my body does. Why? Why it doesn’t want to give in? Why me?

I surfed the net a bit. And wow, there are a lot of sites and blogs out there. First is the official one from Michael and Mimi. It’s so comforting not to be the only one with trouble loosing weight, all the comments on this side are really a big help now. Some bodys act obviously different than others. But I have to deal, don’t I? And I am really determent to go on loosing weight.

So, what can I do? One thing, that Michael recommends, is to write down everything you eat for a week, to really analyze the situation. That sounds a bit to tough for me. I eat normal and never liked really sodas or sweet drinks.

Another recommondation is an additional fast day when you hit a plateau. Ok, I could try that next week.

And there is still the work out topic… Guess I cannot run away from it. Even if this would be a start on moving… Ok, I join the gym today.

Another side I liked is this one with recipes. Never have enough time and energy for cooking for me alone. This side helps inspiring:

5:2 recipes.

Was denkst Du darüber? What do you think?

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