7 weeks now: brandnew numbers and goals

So, here I am on the fast or intermittend or 5-2-diet for 7 weeks. I fast on Monday and Thursday. The rest of the week I eat really normal inklusively icecream, cake, wine and so on. I got so used to this kind of nutrition, that it comes really natural to me. I can imagine very easily, to stay on this diet for the rest of my life. Which is good, because I will need half of my life, to get back to a normal weight.

There are definitely diets where you can loose weight faster. Some times I play with the thought to fast one more day during the week. This doesn’t seem really a hard challenge because I enjoy the two fast days pretty much. It is fun to exercise the saying „No“, not to buckle stuff in the mouth without need and for reasons that are not hunger or even appetite. And to leave the digestion alone is also kind of a good feeling.

Surprisingly enough I like it, to prepare a yummy salate on fast evenings. Something I feel too tired for during feast days. But my body seems to enjoy the two days rhythm too much for changing this winning team. So I stick with it.

And here are the results:

I started on Mai 3rd 2013 with

with a BMI of 29,4, waist 86 cm and hips 113 cm.

On the June 22nd 2013 my

BMI is 28,4, waist 80 cm and hips 107 cm.

I lost 6 cm waist and 6 cm around the hips in seven weeks. That is pretty amazing, I think.

And I lost 3,7 kg.

And here are the good news:

I dare to set a goal, which I want to reach within this fast diet. During the last, years my failed trials with diets discouraged me so much, that not-gaining-weight counted already as a success. That changed. Now I really plucked up Courage.

Now I dare to want to be „normal weight“ again and I want to feel beautiful, sexy and flexibel. That seams really ambitious, because „normal weight“ would start with a BMI from 24. That means, for gaining normal weight again I have to loose a mountain of fat from 13,5 kg. Scary. Really a discouraging imagination. 13,5 kg. How can I ever do this? Even if the rate of loosing weight would stay the same, it would take 7 month at least! But ok, that is the target: BMI 24. Next summer, sexy bikini….

And I want even more. Now I would love to gain back the weight I had, before I was pregnant for the first time. I know, that is long time ago and my body is really different with 45 years than it was with 18. But that was the last time, I felt really good with my body.

And besides I think, that especially an older body gains health benefits from normal weight. And I was really normal with 18, not skinny. So, here I am brave and set a BMI 20 as goal. Probably this is way too ambigious. We will see.

To get there I would have to loose 24 kg. Gosh. That sounds really way too much. Perhaps I decide before, that I am beautiful enough? I don’t want to look like a doghouse, in every corner a bone. If this would happen, I would stop before. But for now the goal is: BMI 20 is the Jackpot.

That can easily take a year or longer. I think, I can cope with. Nobody pushes me right now and luckily I don’t have a heart condition or Diabetes yet. I needed years to put the weight on. So it is ok to give the kg time to say good bye also.

The goal is set. But the saying is: The way is the goal. Yes, and that is really the Advantage of this kind of diet, I feel good every day.

Ok, there are days, when I don’t feel quite so great, when I have a hangover or am sick. But on a deeper level I feel pretty good about myself and remember the incessantly crowling up frustration because the pants pinch, the steps are too  steep, the seat looks too small to fit in and the body feels to heavy to move and so immobile. Probably this is different for other people. Some told me, that they feel good with their overweight. With me this is really different.

Even if my success is relatively small with 3,7 kg, I start fitting in some of my old clothes again. And the tendency is positive. I love to move again and I feel the urge to go out and do something. I love this feeling!

Was denkst Du darüber? What do you think?

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