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Himmel und Hölle

Das Gute ist, am 3. Fastentag hatte ich keine Kopfschmerzen und ich war am Abend nicht völlig tot, müde ja, aber nicht völlig am Ende. Soweit ist es also besser.

Das Schlimme Weiterlesen

Head still there…

I am really proud to announce: Did it again!

And in the evening I cooked the most delicious asparagus you can immagine with a few slices of chicken breast. But I couldn’t really do anything. So, again no sports. Try it tonight again.

Today everything is fine. Just the scale shows only a loss of 0,2 kg. That’s really little.


2nd fast day – My Head explodes

Wow, hope this is worth it. My head feels like I didn’t stop drinking the last three nights straight till coma fell. I didn’t. And I cannot think properly. My effectiveness rates about minus 7. Hope this is just the beginning of this fasting time, till I get used to it. How can I go through that otherwise two times a week?

First week starts

obst   So, weekends over. Tomorrow is my second fasting day. Hope I won’t be so tired again. I love to sleep well, but Friday it was very close to falling from my bike.

Yesterday I stepped on the scale and took some photos, naked, measured my waist, spooky. As Sheryl Sandberg in her book tells about the time, she was pregnant and that there was a project named after her „operation whale“. I know excactly how that feels but without being pregnant. By the way, „Lean in“ from Sheryl Sandberg is really a great and inspiring book.

For the next week I plan to restart my sport activities. This plan exists already a little bit. As a matter of fact I am a very loyal sponsor of a fitness club. Perhaps I should change this to a membership. But something always pulls me home on the couch after work instead towards the gym. I fight hard but up to now I only drive my sport bag around in the car. ok, this week it is.


20130502-134321.jpg   Worked the whole day on the blog and am still not really sure, if I do it right. Tomorrow will be day one in fasting. The plan is to do it the way Dr. Michael Mosley recommens it: 2 days a week, Monday and Thursday with 500 calories. So tomorrow will be the first day. I will have to get on the scales, measure my waist and figure out my bmi. Gosh, hope it helps.