The 5 : 2 Diet

You want to know more about the 5 : 2 fast diet by Michael Mosley? Ok, I am no Doc and I don’t really understand and want to explain the whole backgroundstory of the diet. I thing Michael Mosley does that in his film and his book together with Mimi Spencer very good. Take a look, it can be live changing:




Nobody who struggled with kilos can understand, how hard and discouraging it can be, to gain more and more weight. People look at you like „Why just doesn’t you eat less?“ or „Why just doesn’t do more sports?“ And I confess, when I was still normal, I thought that to. And perhaps, when I go out with my gorgeous friends, it is just a coincident, that most of the people like to speak with them, not with me. Perhaps I just imagine this?

But either way, if you meet friends and they tell each other, how lovely and beautiful they look and when it comes to you, they say „so nice to meet you“ that kind of hurts. Mostly because I know it is true.

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