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New Year – New Life?

A wonderful new year 2014 for you!

Thank you so much for all your companionship in the dark times  of doubts, loneliness and some times hopelessness during the last year.  It was an amazing path, that I only managed with lots of help. Thanks for your encouraging comments!

And best is, it did pay off! Unbelievable but true. There was never a year in my life, that started happier than 2014.

2013 started with a lonely breakdown in the bathroom at a basically nice party and ended in love kissing on a pier at the Eastern Sea with huge fireworks and fine champagne. Gosh!!! I guess, that’s what you would normally call a Happy Ending.

7 weeks now: brandnew numbers and goals

So, here I am on the fast or intermittend or 5-2-diet for 7 weeks. I fast on Monday and Thursday. The rest of the week I eat really normal inklusively icecream, cake, wine and so on. I got so used to this kind of nutrition, that it comes really natural to me. I can imagine very easily, to stay on this diet for the rest of my life. Which is good, because I will need half of my life, to get back to a normal weight. Weiterlesen

Green stuff

Yeah, I have a blender!

Did anybody see this film?fat--sick---nearly-dead

Quite impressing and some super Comic Strips. 91312026

About Joe who went for 60 days on a fasting diet with only green juices and got healthy and fit again, while touring through the U.S.. And then he met another guy, a truck driver with a real overweight problem. And how he went on, is a whole other story. Impressing!Fat-Sick-and-Nearly-Dead

Very interesting and motivating but for me in my daily life not really possible to handle. Maybe it can be a complement for the fast days and also for the other days…

Now I heard about Green Smoothies and not Green Juices. What ist better? And what makes the difference? Here is a comparison.

 I think, for me it is important, not to  rev up the bloodsugar too much, which can happen easily with the Juices. So the Smoothies are the way for me, but hey, everybody has to find his own way.

To give it a try, I bought a relatively cheep blender. 2 years guarantee and my Kids and their friend tried it already in their home with good results. So I give it a try to get healthier from day to day.

Grünes Zeugs

Juhu, habe einen Blender!

Hat jemand diesen Film gesehen?

fat--sick---nearly-deadZiemlich beeindruckend und super comic parts. 91312026 Weiterlesen

The good n the evil

Die Woche war bisher randvollgepackt mit inspirierenden Begegnungen und Erlebnissen. Das Fasten habe ich trotzdem durchgehalten. Und, es war ziemlich easy..

Nebenbei habe ich am Montag zwei riesige frische Belgische Waffeln Weiterlesen

In 3 Wochen 1.8 kg, 3 cm Bauch und 2 cm Hintern verloren

Wollte nur mal n Feedback über meine Diäterfolge geben.

Hm, bin nicht so schnell wie meine Mutter.

Das ist ja kaum frustrierend…

Meine Ma und Ihre Freunde kämpfen gegen Infarktrisiko

Ich war gerade mit meiner Ma und einer ihrer Freundinnen in einem netten Cafe in Berlin Mitte, dem Barcomi’s. Meine Ma hat Anfang der Woche angefangen zu fasten und schon 2,5 Kilos verloren.

Ihr Nachbar, für den Sie normalerweise mitkocht, hat jetzt auch mit zu fasten. Meine Mutter denkt, er sei so eine riesen Schlaftablette, weil er einfach zu schwer zum Aufstehen ist. So, kommt er um die 5-2- Diät nicht drum herum.

Und ihre Freundin meinte, ihr Gatte müsse auch sein schönes Tönnchen loswerden. Bisher hätte er das mit keiner Diät geschafft. Sie wird ihn also auch auf 5-2-Diät setzen.

Die Ladys haben eine Mission… Ganz groß!

My mom n her friends fighting heart attack risk

Just went to a nice Cafe in Berlin Mitte, the Barcomi’s, with my mom and one of her lady friends. My mom started fasting this week and lost 2.5 kilos up to now.

Her neighbor, for whom she normaly cooks, does have to fast now too. My mom thinks, that he is such a sleeping pill, because he is to heavy to get up, so the 5-2-diet it is.

And the friend said, that her husband has also to loose his nice belly, so she will put him on the 5-2-diet too.

These ladys have a mission… I like that!

New pics!

Thats really something.

Mostly I am a little bit frustrated because the kilos melt soooo slowly like the ice in Berlin this winter. But today, second fast day in week three, I tried an old dress on.

When I slipped in I felt a bit anxiuosly beause it did not fit  for quite a while.

But, trarah! Here it is:

P1030052     23-5-13 seite    23-5-13 hinten

So, what do you think? Hm? Looks like the right way, doesn’t it?

Neue Bildchen!

Das ist doch mal endlich was.

Meist bin ich ein bisschen frustriert, weil die Kilos so langsam schmelzen wie das Eis in diesem Berliner Winter. Heute hab ich einfach mal ein Kleid anprobiert, in das ich schon … nun… ziemlich lange nicht mehr rein gepasst habe.

Als ich hineinschlüpfte, war ich noch ziemlich ängstlich. Aber nun seht mal:

P1030052   23-5-13 seite   23-5-13 hinten

Und, was meint Ihr? Lohnt sich dieser Weg?