third fast day

It goes on, fasting. An egg and 3 medlars for breakfast.

I didn’t manage to go to the fitness studio this week. The ascenion day waether yesterday was much to beautiful in Berlin, so a long walk on the sidewalk at the Spree with all the bloomy fragrants made it. The days before I didn’t took the time. Today I will try it again.

But if again this exploding headache Mr. crazy tired show up, I won’t make it. Perhaps it is to much in the beginning, to restart also sports?

Perhaps there is to much poison in my fat, that gets back in the system and leads to this headache? Perhaps, this is from all the quicksilver in my body? Last autumn a laboratoy diagnosed a bad quecksilver poisoning. Also before, when I did this longterm fasting, I got a this heavy headache during the first days, sometimes even later. So, perhaps I just have to get that behind me? Think, I go on trying. The good thing is, it is just one day. Everyone can bear a headache or hunger one day.

This way of 16:8 diet sounds also interesting, thanx. But doesn’t fit for me, I guess. Everybody has to find the best way for him- or herself. And I really love at this 5:2 diet, that you don’t have to think everyday about it. Even on the fast day you just limit your calories. So I don’t have to pay attention every day. I just love that. It gives me a kind of normality and freedom, that I need really to stick with the whole thing.

If a diet means, I have to thing about eating all the time, nobody has to be a prophet, to see, its just a question of time that I give in and start eating „normal“ again. Do you know, this „I will stick to it tomorrow again.“ I am the worldchampion at this.

Was denkst Du darüber? What do you think?

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