Photo101: Day Twelve: Architecture & Monochrome

Jugendstiltür Wien 2012I found this lovely entrance in Vienna three years ago. Thats how the path to paradies could look like, I guess.

Up to now I just managed to try a few stairs but it is to exhausting. Guess I try the beautiful elevator now…Jugendstieltür Wien sw

6 Gedanken zu „Photo101: Day Twelve: Architecture & Monochrome

  1. creakingbones

    I wish I could read and write German. The only word I know how to spell is Bier. I admire your photographs and the frank and open way in which you discuss your life. Very commendable and I wish you all the very very best for 2015.l

    1. emmareloaded Autor

      Thanks a lot! Yeah, Bier is a real importent word if you ask 99 Percent of the adult inhabitants in Germany. So, you easily could get along here… It was always a bit of a challenge for me, that I, in some ways, doesn`t fit in. So, with the beverages, I blame my father, that as a child I had always to go an by cigaretts and beer in a bar. As a kid I disliked this bar smell so much that still I don`t like beer and cigarrets, traumtic, you know;) What a German doesnt like beer? Ha!
      Thanks for your motivation to write in English again. There is always so much in my small head and heart, what has to get out, that it is hard to write the same stuff in two languages. For my new blog I invited an american friend and artist to write on my blog too. So there is a chance, that I will really write in English more. Just to proove, that I can.
      Your blog with the photos and the texts I really like, too. I always think, that I can feel your heart through your posts. So, stay in touch:)
      Best Emma


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