First week starts

obst   So, weekends over. Tomorrow is my second fasting day. Hope I won’t be so tired again. I love to sleep well, but Friday it was very close to falling from my bike.

Yesterday I stepped on the scale and took some photos, naked, measured my waist, spooky. As Sheryl Sandberg in her book tells about the time, she was pregnant and that there was a project named after her „operation whale“. I know excactly how that feels but without being pregnant. By the way, „Lean in“ from Sheryl Sandberg is really a great and inspiring book.

For the next week I plan to restart my sport activities. This plan exists already a little bit. As a matter of fact I am a very loyal sponsor of a fitness club. Perhaps I should change this to a membership. But something always pulls me home on the couch after work instead towards the gym. I fight hard but up to now I only drive my sport bag around in the car. ok, this week it is.

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